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This page contains links, from the internet, on Revivals within the British Isles.

 Wales Bala 1791

 Thomas Charles
 Revival Site Holland

 EnglandSheffield 1794 
  John Moon and Alexander Mather
 UK Wells
 Fire From Heaven - May 2010

 England Cornwall 1799 [Penzance, Zennor, Walls, St Ives]

 Wales Aberystwyth 1805

 England Cornwall 1814 [Redruth, Tuckingmill]

 Wales Beddgelert 1817

 ScotlandIsle of Lewis 1824-35 
  Andrew McLeod

 England Midlands 1830s
  James Caughey

 ScotlandKilsyth, Dundee 1839 
  William Chalmers Burns, Robert Murray M'Cheyne

 England Cornwall 1851-4 [Baldhu]
  William Haslam

 England 1859
  Charles Spurgeon

Ireland 1859
  James McQuilkin

 Scotland 1859
  Brownlow North

 Wales 1859
  David Morgan

 England Norfolk 1863-71 [Buckenham]
  William Haslam

 Wales 1904-5
  Rhys Bevan Jones, Evan Roberts and others
The Cardiff Times - First Reports of the 1904 Revival - David Pike
 40 Days Prayer Guide
 1904 Revival: Some Staggering Statistics - David Pike
 Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean
Evan Roberts and The Welsh Revival

 Scotland Edinburgh 1905
  Joseph Kemp
 40 Day Prayer Guide

 England Lowestoft 1921 [Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth]
  Douglas Brown, Jock Troup
 Rembering Revival: Lowestoft 1921 - Matthew Pickhaver
 Hownslow Mission Trust 2001
 Revival In Yarmouth 1921 - Glory Filled The Land
 UK Wells

 Scotland East Coast Fishing Ports 1921
  Jock Troup

 Wales Aberavon 1931
  Martin Lloyd-Jones

 Scotland Isle of Lewis 1934-9

 Scotland Hebrides 1949-53
  Duncan Campbell
 A transcription of a talk given by Duncan Campbell to the students of the Faith Bible College in Edinburgh, Scotland
 Revival on the Isle of Lewis - 1
 Revival on the Isle of Lewis - 2