It was springtime in the year 1938.  A boy in middle teens stood in the little schoolroom adjoining Moriah Chapel, in the small Welsh mining town of Loughor, Glamorganshire. A strange feeling of awe and wonder filled his heart, for this was the very room that witnessed the beginnings of the great outpouring of the Spirit, the Welsh Revival of 1904.  He listened to his host and guide, himself a convert of the revival, speak of those memorable days when the hardest hearts were melted by the presence of the Lord, and when the hills and valleys rang again with the songs of Zion.  It was almost too wonderful to be true, but it created questions deep down in his heart for which he could find no answer.  If God can achieve such mighty things in times of revival, and if the spiritual labours of fifty years can be surpassed in so many days when the Spirit is poured out, why, he wondered, is the church today so satisfied with the results of normal evangelism? Why are we not more concerned that there should be another great revival? Why do we not pray for it day and night?

Arthur Wallis "In the day of Thy power"

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Title Author ISBN  Overview
Revival  Brian H. Edwards0-85234-273-X State of the Church and Nation before, during and after revival 
In The Day Of Thy Power Arthur Wallis 0-900284-00-5 The Scriptural Principles of Revival with a forward by Duncan Campbell
 Revival comes to WalesEifion Evans  1-85049-025-2The story of the 1859 Revival in Wales 
 A Diary of Revival Kevin Adams 1-85345-286-6The outbreak of the 1904 Welsh Awakening 
 A Forgotten Revival Stanley C Griffin1-903087-06-6  Recollections of the great Revivals of East Anglia and North East Scotland of 1921